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Together we can build a better world.

Welcome to the Building Good Podcast hosted by Tim Coldwell and Jen Hancock, a podcast where we interview leaders from various industries and learn about how they are using business to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

This is the place for those who believe that the future is both prosperous and sustainable; it is a world that is better because the work you do makes positive social and environmental change and, at the same time, drives economic growth. Listen now!




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Building a Carbon Capture Enterprise with Derrick and Stephen Emsley

With a vision to plant over 1 billion trees by 2030, the co-founders (and cousins) of tentree, Derrick Emsley and Stephen Emsley, believe that big change starts small. They join host Jen Hancock to discuss the unique business they’ve built around sustainable fashion with one goal in mind—plant ten trees for every item sold and protect and preserve the world. From humble beginnings in Saskatchewan, the Tentree story will inspire you with its creative business model…

Where’s The Human in Infrastructure? with Marianne Lefever

How we design our cities has a huge impact on the health and wellness of people. In a recent series of articles, A healthy city, beyond cycling, Marianne Lefever and her co-author explore the complex interconnections of health and infrastructure. For example, cycling is a great way to create healthy opportunities for people in cities but depending on where you cycle, you could be exposing yourself to harmful air pollution that may make your choice…

Partnerships For The Future with Pat Boucher

  We’re better together, right? There’s no “I” in team. There are dozens of ways to say it, but no matter which we choose, working together is sometimes easier said than done. Today, Tim Coldwell is joined by Pat Boucher, the Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer for the Canada Border Services Agency, as they explore the role of government in society. They go into detail on how a collaborative approach between the private and…

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